Trhoughout its history, Trento has stood for city of ecumenic and civil dialogue several times. The ideal of unity of Chiara Lubich took shape here, and for over 70 years has been encouraging millions of people in the whole world to live it in first person and build ever wider pieces of fraternity in the religious, political, economic, artistic, legal, sports and communication field. This is why people from all overv the world visit Trento, eager to know the places which saw this grift of God appear.

The story which is told here is real, and well known in many countries; but in Trento it has the concreteness and the charm of true stories. We propose here a short itinerary through the most significant locations of this story, guided by the description that Chiara Lubich herself made to her city in 2001. Alongside this first itinerary, you can find a second one which explores the Pirmiero Valley – where, in summer 1949, the spirituality of the Focolare came to a more perfected form; and where the first Mariapolis, temporary cities where people committed and still commit to live the Gospel radically in everyday life, took place.