Crowdfunding campaign

Live, love, give

The Centenary of Chiara Lubich and its events are a great chance to lanuch and implement a dynamic of universal fraternity and show that we can make a difference now.

We want to give to the Gen2 and Gen3, the youth and the boys and girls of the Movement, the chance to live a memorable experience: the congresses scheduled in Trento in 2020 (or other events connected with the Centenary). We firmly believe that this will be a founding moment for the life of each participant, to strenghten or establish a worldwide youth network able to be at the cutting edge in giving a sould to the world.

In order to turn this into reality, we established ourselves a goal – an ambitious, but attainable one: raise 50.000 euros, and thus be able to provide for the travel expenses of al least 50 boys and girls.

We have thus launched “Live, love, give”, a crowdfunding campaign aimed at getting donors involved, make them an integral part of out project and share our values. But all those willing to help us by organising crowdfunding events or other iniziatives will also play a crucial role.

We will keep you informed with transparency on how the many small steps that each of us take will contribute to build a piece of a united world. We all know that a city is not enough!

You can donate until the 31st of December 2019, and the minimun suggested offer is of 60 euros.

Help us to turn borders into horizons!






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